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By mark737 on Aug 04, 2018

were riding a racing bicycle with an extremely short chainstay length combined with large feet. One of the first questions I get about the Tubus Logo Evo is

how it compares to the previous Tubus Logo Classic. . When I hand Cargo Evo or Logo Evo racks to customers who know they are made from logo steel, they are often visibly surprised by how light they are. Good rack and pannier manufacturers know that people with feet will be riding their bicycles, and they know their racks and panniers wont be used if peoples feet hit the panniers. . The Cargo is one of the most versatile haul-anything rack designs. . The larger top platform area works better if you are using a rectangular rack trunk with a built-in mounting system, and more top platform area makes it easier to strap on bags that dont have a built-in mounting system. . The length of this description is a direct result of being repeatedly asked about everything below! More Tubus Logo Evo Info, now that the specifications are out of the way. The Logo evo may be the best pure cross-country touring rack ever made for the true world traveler. . The upper rack mounting stays are made of solid aluminum rods, rather than hollow steel tubes. . Manufacturer Guaranty: As of 2009, tubus offers a 30 year guaranty on their racks. Sorry, but I cant even special order them. If I had to pick just one Tubus rack as a favorite for ALL uses, the Cargo evo might be the one! If you need silver front and rear racks, you may want to choose the Stainless Steel Tubus Cosmo rear and Tubus Nova front racks, or the titanium Tubus Logo Titan rear rack, which looks nice with the stainless steel Nova. . Suggestion box, tell us about products that you would like to see! If you have a lateral pack sitting on top of your rear panniers, bedroll style, the top of the pack system is lower if the panniers are lower.

Ihre Taschen eine Etage tiefer, city Touring, size. Technical Information, on some bikes with a shorter wheelbase this may help provide a more stable ride with a load the bike may not feel quite as top heavy. Small or large, the taillight mounting bracket cubus logo is wider and stronger. This allows a very tight clamping force without crushing the rods. Mount, but on a long wheelbase touring bike that is built to handle well with a topheavy load.

Cubus offers fashion and quality at sensible prices.We are one of Scandinavia's largest clothes chains.

The rearmost pannier mounting position on the Logo can move panniers farther behind your heels. They are made from hollow chromoly steel tubes which compare very favorably gravid in weight to solid aluminum rods in other racks. I get asked about heel clearance issues almost every day. Since the panniers ride lower on the side of the rack.

Customer Ratings.6 von 5, customer Ratings (10).6, you didn't find what you were looking for?Weight: Approximately 600 grams (21 ounces) for the rack, and 138 grams (5 ounces) for the mounting kit before the mounting stays get trimmed to length. .This means the rack sits higher over the wheel, so the tire passes the slanted vertical tubes lower down, and the lateral tire clearance may be up.5 inches.

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If the panniers are lower it is easier to swing your leg up and over the load when getting on an off the bike. .Der logo passt auch an besonders kurz gebaute Rahmen.Or there was a combination of all of these things.The Logo Evo rear racks have the new and improved Tubus 3D Dropout. .