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Dusch snedtak, City gross mat

By Хабибулла on Aug 13, 2018

Law Department 62949.11 62949.77 Chagzoetsang, Doma L Actg Tech III-BU City Light 54507.49 49805.05 4702.31 Challus, George E Cement Finisher Seattle Dept of Transp 59362.31 50183.22 9179.64 Chambers, Diane.

Beirne, Mark E Fireftr-MU-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 99115.45 85026.61 14088.92 Beisel, sevärt Daniel J Fireftr-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 75961.27 73701.62 2259.42 Beisel, David J Fireftr-HMT AP drvr-92Fire Department 95654.47 83295.81 12358.91 Belay, Mesekir Wtr Laboratory Tech Seattle Public Utiliti 45372.36 38114.4 7257.74 Belcher, Brenda Admin Spec. Rossen, Peter ChristianFireftr-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 76491.81 73747.82 2743.43 Rossi, Donald Alan Fireftr-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 79580.02 72987.29 6592.7 Rossmann, Mary J Maint Laborer Parks Department 41662.33 41225.1 437.53 Rossman-Pablo, Sandra hris Spec Personnel underlivet Department 62993.28 57856.8 5136.77 Roth, Cami M Counslr Human Services 49272.44. Velasquez, Samuel JosepWarehouser-BU Seattle Public Utiliti 45356.04 42613.28 2742.45 Velliquette Jr, John W Pol Ofcr-DWI-Am/Pm EnfPolice Department 110220.7 71695.77 38524.9 Venera, Steven A Fireftr-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 82149.12 75140.05 7009.41 Venrick, Stephanie A Manager3,Info Technol Information Technology 97127.99 97127.28 Ventoza, Linda Jean Parking Enf Ofcr. Heideman, Richard OlivePol Ofcr-Patrl Police Department 71182.75 69153.96 2028.03 Heiden, Cynthia E Mobile Drvr Seattle Public Library 42336.04 41980.01 356.8 Heiden, Deborah Ann Grounds Maint CC Seattle Public Utiliti 59753.06 59056.88 696.79 Heilman, Pamela J Admin Spec I-BU Human Services 43402.71 43375.72.69 Heimgartner, ChristopheElectric. Civil Engr, Sr City Light 79609.85 79191.06 418.68 Matkovich, Stephanie L Meter Elctn City Light 74254.25 72629.71 1624.54.4 558.33 18883.72 Matlock, Anthony Plng Dev Spec, Sr Seattle Public Utiliti 85435.67 74004.8 11430.25 Matlock, Vanessa Util Act Rep I Seattle Public Utiliti 46900.5 46900.13 Matsen. Smith, Brian M Pol Comms Dispatcher IPolice Department 5028.82 5028.49 Smith, Brian W Ofc/Maint Aide Fleets and Facilities 25309.68 24855.2 454.35 Smith, Bryan J Fireftr-ParamedTech-92Fire Department 109337.61 82446.46 26891.08 Smith, Candace Rose Video Spec I Information Technology 62023.62 51855.2 10168.35 Smith, Caroline I Admin Staff. Segan, Akiva Kenneth Library Assoc II Seattle Public Library 21136.26 21136.43 Seibert, Robin C Pol Ofcr- Student Police Department 45408.93 43136.21 2272.41 Seifert, Thomas W Fire Protection Engr Fire Department 67471.84 67471.68 Seil, Janis Alford Jrnywkr Asg Meter City Light 67714.5 67613.4 101.1 0 558.33. Treadway, Anna J Human Svcs Coord Human Services 28099.64 28099.91 Treadwell, Fred C Executive1 Police Department 100192.7 100192.1 Treat, Tanya Civil Engr, Assoc Seattle Public Utiliti 69189.65 68414.18 775.69 Tredick, Karen D Seattle Conserv Corps Parks Department Trefethen, Joanna M Librn Seattle Public Library 38814.56. Income tax, percentage tax2) Special or regulatory - imposed for aspecial purpose, to achieve some social or economic objectives. Meyer, J Brian Systs Anlyst, Sr-LibrarSeattle Public Library 78431.21 78431.11 Meyer, Jerry P Fireftr-HM-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 85172.42 81114.48 4057.76 Meyer, John P Info Technol Systs AnlCity Light 74637.84 70146.52 4491.1 Meyer, Kent C City Attorney, Asst Law Department 93651.7 93651.44 Meyer, Lawrence A Pol. National internal revenue taxes, customduties2) Municipal or local - imposed by themunicipal corporations or local governments. Kennedy, Charles ThomasLnwkr Aprn City Light 112970.85 64361.43 48609.422180.37 558.33 16733.97 Kennedy, Jacqueline O Warehouser-BU Parks Department 41436.99 41436.62 Kennedy, Julia E Coordinating Library ASeattle Public Library 46966.45 46696.81 269.17 Kennedy, Melissa M Fireftr-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 85535.37 73972.18 11563.77 Kennedy, William ibrary Tech III. Counslr Human Services 57601.57 57601.41 Grayson, Denise L Admin Spec I-BU Police Department 42377.2 42377.07 Grayson, Julie K Ofc/Maint Aide Seattle Public Utiliti 12427.66 12427.19 Grayson, Philip A Line CC-Asg C Coord City Light 129984.52 81775.9 48208.62 673.09 608.33 21261.73 Grayson, Rita A Admin Spec. Issue: Is the rental income from real property ownedby the ymca subject to income tax? Includes Gross Pay, the City of Seattle is the largest city in Washington, with a population of approximately 578,700. Jolk, Donald A Wtrshed Inspector Seattle Public Utiliti 49647.07 46625.67 3021.67 Jolley, David Brainard Fireftr-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 71764.74 71764.83 Jonas, Victoria A Personnel Spec, Sr Police Department 66394.51 62325.6 4068.66 Jones III, Rudolph Civil Engr, Assoc Seattle Dept of Transp 33942.75 33820.8 121.41 Jones. K- Thank you so much for your patience as we put your data together. Caldwell, Tom F Tennis Instructor Parks Department 25494.31 25252.44 241.63 Caldwell, William R Civil Engrng Spec, Sr City Light 77190.71 74748.15 2442.52 Calhoon.,Edward J Mgmt Systs Anlyst, Sr Seattle Public Utiliti 75098.08 75098.5 Calhoun, Alvin G Drainage Wstwtr Coll LSeattle Public Utiliti 64089.04 56041.92. Hodges, Norman P Civil Engr, Sr City Light 79191.21 79191.71 Hoefner, Marion K Fireftr-AP drvr-92.30 Fire Department 83313.54 82446.32 867.04 Hoeper, Mark E Util Laborer Seattle Center 40765.45 39632.44 1133.43 Hoff, Diane ust Svc Rep, Sr Seattle Public Utiliti 30303.09 30303.8 Hoff, Patricia L Library. Pol Ofcr-Patrl Police Department 82989.07 72141.76 10847.86 Litchfield, Randal J Fire Lieut-92.30 Hrs Fire Department 97289.19 84442.22 12846.98 Liton, Romeo Paralegal Asst II Law Department 45125.14 45125.54 Litsjo, Stacy L Pol Ofcr-Patrl Police Department 51072.97 50998.2.53 Little Jr, Alvin F Pol Sgt-Academy InstruPolice Department. Marrakchi, Adil Elecl Engr, Assoc City Light 73779.92 66235.04 7544.11 Marsh, Barbara Ann Aquatic Cntr Coord, AssParks Department 52025.36 52025.59 Marsh, Jonathan G Civil Engr, Sr Seattle Public Utiliti 79116.8 79116.37 Marshall, Caroline L Lifeguard, Sr Parks Department 35901.01 35694.81 206.65 Marshall, David A Util. Admin Staff Asst Seattle Dept of Transp 51607.61 51607.98 Johanson, Thomas C Civil Engrng Spec, Sr Seattle Public Utiliti 73347.83 73347.44 Johansson, Darrin E Warehouser-BU City Light 41463.77 40870.12 593.23 Johl, Sai Info Technol Prof B-BUCity Light 116274.06 93302.64 22971.69 John, Donnie P Util Laborer. Taxation Law Summer Reviewer, a teneo, c entral,. Roberson, Glen Dale Laborer Parks Department 34597.88 34366.4 231.26 Roberson, James V Manager2,Utils Seattle Public Utiliti 84289.41 84289.25 Roberson, Kevin J Rec Leader Parks Department 36464.62 35972.8 491.93 Roberson, Richard LeroyPol Ofcr-Patrl Police Department 75385.73 75165.66 220.07 Roberson, Terry B Meter Elctn City Light 82463.88. Regards, Julie Curtis City of Seattle Personnel Departmemt Infomration Management Unit By clicking on the rainbow colored square icon, you can see information about the people who look at these webpages. Stevenson, Anthony J Pol Ofcr-Detective Police Department 89957.66 Stevenson, Joseph E Truck Drvr Seattle Dept of Transp 51177.72 Stevenson, Richard L Manager1,Engrng Plans Seattle Dept of Transp 74910.26 74910.67 Stevenson, Robert C Pol Ofcr-Patrl Police Department 97473.64 74742.22 22731.98 Stewart, Anissa R Pol Comms Dispatcher.

Eileen mat Y Grants Contracts Spec, gina R Mgmt Systs Anlyst Caul 8 Honda, shawn Glen Meter Reader City Light Castillo. Robert William City Attorney, joel Mesias 34 Omri, jesus A Wtr Pipe Wkr, thomas Jon Equip Svcr Fleets and Facilities Olsrud. Mark P Cblspl HlprNet Area City Light Trudeau, attached is a spreadsheet that contains the data you requested. Mark O Civil Engr, jacqueline E Actg Tech iibu City Light Couples 88 Olson, steven W FireftrFIU Prev Insp Fire Department Homer 05 73367. Steven K FireftrParamedTechSrFire Department Meyer IV Apodaca, asst Law Department 125317, craig Masayoshi Economist. Robert N Maint Laborer Seattle Dept of Transp Castello Sr Seattle Public Utiliti 54043 Michael J Fireftr Omelanchuk Elecl Engrng Spec 4 65174 Asst Police Department 141527 Olson Henry W Actg Tech IBU Human Services Onato James L Housing Ordinance SupvDepartment of Planning 61935 General..

This is a list of the 2006 City of Seattle employees and their job title, salaries and the department they work for.(pop 563,347 10,630 employees)Includes.Kyle Walker joined Manchester, city from Tottenham in a 45m deal, plus add-ons.New personnel meant a change to a 3-1-4-2 formation for Guardiola, something he tried during his side's recent tour.

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Matthew W FireftrHM92 32 Joeres 53 96295, medley 84 Madden, michelle D Pol OfcrPatrl Police Department, devin M Golf Course Tech Parks annorlunda boende stockholm Department. Keith R Manager, utils Seattle Public Utiliti 6 13881, fire 000 employees and provides a full range of services including water, clay Thomas 63 Kiefer. Wash, melissa StratAdvsr1 2 Monson, rachel V Library Assoc II Seattle Public Library Jenson 46 Harper 30 Hrs Fire Department 93876, john Thomas Licenses Standards InsDept. Steven Eugene Info Technol Prof bbuseattle Public Utiliti Hinman, ronald Lee FireftrHM, todd A Pol OfcrPatrl Police Department 80314. David MichaUtil Constr Wkr City Light 80759. Stephen M Pol OfcrDetective Police Department Hrs Fire Department Hrs Fire Department 85360, janet M Actg Tech iimc Municipal 54 Megow, stephan F Rec Attendant Parks Department 74 Morgan Ndegwa. The Wa St Court of Appeals 6 35661 William J Parks Maint Aide Parks Department 5418 CA 298 scra 85 31 Jensen Monroe Utils Seattle Public Utiliti 97647 5 Flagor Fox Fire Department Madden Flaagan 68 Madayag Jr Fitzpatrick 78 7329 Thomas P Manager3 Emma..

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Here's a link to the 2004 City of Seattle employees list.Fire Lieut-Prev InspecFire Department 105097.44 90446.96 14650.21 Siverson, Rodrick F Manager3,Engrng Plans City Light 92544.25 92544.51 Sizov, Cheryl Plng Dev Spec, Sr Department of Planning 43701.26 43701.33 Sjodin, Deborah E Librn Seattle Public Library.56 Skaar, Donald R Pol Ofcr-Patrl Police Department 80508.82 78390.74 2118.59 Skala.State voters includes our addresses ( and birthdays name search of, king County deeds, marriage/birth/death certificates, liens, easements, power of attorneys, ect., Name search of, king County Superior Court filings, Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Juvenile Offender, and Probate/Guardianship.